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Our Nation needs to gang up on the obstacle of unemployment!

Dear Future President,

Today I want to tell you about the amount of suffering 7 million U.S. citizens that don’t have a job and are unemployed. The three main reasons people don’t have jobs is because of economic conditions, advancements in modern day technology, and increasing populations. The people of this nation need a source of income and without the government helping to fix these problems, they will end up losing money in insurance for those that are unemployed. According to Investopedia, when workers are unemployed their families have lower wages, so the nation as a whole loses a lot of money that would help the economy produce more goods and services. This means that unemployed people don’t have money to buy products that would give a company money and the company loses business so they have to layoff their workers. Unemployment causes so many cyclical complications to our land.

Since the economic crash in 2008, it’s been a tough road for a lot of Americans who either lost their job or looking for a job because it’s harder to come by. Unemployed people hold onto their money because that’s all they have. Because of this, companies will lose money because the big numbers of unemployed people don’t want their products anymore. So then the company has to layoff some workers and even increase the unemployment rates. The Bureau of Labor Statistics took a survey and found out that “In December, the number of unemployed persons increased by 632,000 to 11.1 million and the unemployment rate rose to 7.2 percent.” The improvement since then has been significant but still the reoccurrence of this event wouldn’t be unusual. To make sure that we do not have a situation like this again we need a plan to lift people off the unemployment list. A way to to do this is by keeping the unemployment rates down and keeping the work environment and employment prospects in good shape.

New technology is making it easier for companies to maintain themselves and have to hire fewer people to do their job when computers and robots can do it for them. Companies rather pay once for technology, then hire people to do it and pay them. Advances in technology allows for people to do something with a less costly method and less need for human support. A website called which stands for Foundation for Economic Education stated, “Compared to humans, robots are cheaper to employ.” When humans aren’t needed for the job, the capitalists lay them off. We cannot let jobs that can be done by humans just taken over by technology. Opening these jobs to humans would help give people an opportunity to work.

Increasing population has its effects on unemployment. The country can’t open up enough jobs for the growing population. With this population increase more and more Americans are looking for a way to provide for their families and keep up with the high cost of living in the U.S. “When a country becomes overpopulated, it gives rise to unemployment as there fewer jobs to support large number of people”, is a statement made by CEF that tells us that with America’s population growing by 3.3 million every year we won’t have jobs for everyone. The government really needs to step up and not just provide financial aid but open jobs that would benefit the government and the workers themselves.

Two arguments that can be made from the other side is that unemployment benefits can help by providing for the unemployed people and currently employed from being laid off and that unemployment rates increasing help businesses looking for workers lower wages. I am going to argue that the first statement is false because most unemployed people use the money they get from financial aid without even trying to get a job or look for one. As far as the second argument goes, if businesses don’t need workers and the employment rate is increasing, that means that the unemployed numbers are truly growing.

In conclusion to this letter, I would like you to look at the reasoning for unemployment in the United States of America and help us defeat the unemployment issue we have today. I believe we can do this by cutting down on financial aid for those that are unemployed because they then will actually search for a job. Also, you can help create programs for the unemployed to get back up on their feet and start doing things in a work like setting so that they know what will be needed of them. The government here should create more government service jobs that would help and benefit not only the worker that was once unemployed but also our economy and government as well.



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