Jenna R. Minnesota

Letter to Mr. Trump

College tuition is hurting Americans

Dear Mr. Trump, 

Before I begin, I would like to congratulate you on winning the election. All the campaigning and speeches have paid off. Now that you are in office, you can attempt to fix an ongoing issue. College tuition costs way too much. 

This issue is important to me because most everyone needs college to further their education and peruse a career.  Today it's hard to get anywhere without an education further than high school. Do you want everyone stuck working at McDonald's everyday? That's a point this country should never come to. 

A major problem with people that have come fresh out of high school is that they don’t have enough money to attend college. We can fix this problem by lowering college tuition so it's more affordable for everyone. 

I understand teachers need to get paid so college can't be free but the least you can do Mr. Trump is lower the cost of tuition. With further education, people can be as successful as you. 

Thanks Mr. Trump.