Donavin C.

Heroin addiction in young people

In this letter, I assert that heroin is ruining lives of young people. This is a huge problem in U.S. and it needs our attention.

Dear Future President,

Heroin is a drug that has haunted our generations for years, but in recent years it has posed an increasing threat to American Youth (Andrew Sullivan Addicted to Heroin). We have a lot of young people ready to work but most of them are getting caught with heroin and ruining their lives. Since 2007, the number of heroin users in the U.S. has nearly doubled, and half of all first time users are younger than 26 years old (Andrew Sullivan). With that number increasing they will destroy the community. If young people keep getting affected by this drug there will be more people that can't be functioning members of society.

How are we supposed to have a strong healthy nation if we are letting people ruin their lives with drugs such as Heroin. “Young people are ruining their lives and becoming full time junkies and not being able to work.” We have young people with dreams and goals, how are they supposed to achieve their goals if drugs like heroin are taking over. With young people ruining their lives with heroin it's gonna be more people that can't be functioning members of society. We all as a nation need to resolve this issue so that we can have more jobs positions filled.

The public can have access to narcan. Narcan can help stop overdosing, I think we should start needle exchange programs for young people. This would reduce the risk of contaminated needles being shared ( This will also help cut down on needles at recreational areas like parks and playgrounds. Understanding this program does not prevent drug use but it will make unsafe practices a little bit safer while people get the help they need. Some neighborhoods may have an issue with the centers being close to their homes but ultimately it will promote a safer and healthy neighborhood. So I ask you Mr/Mrs. President to please legalize needle exchange programs within all 50 states to help combat this problem.


Donavin Caminero

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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