Teen Heroin Addiction

Teens all over the country suffer from heroin addiction. We need to stop this to help our families and communities.

Dear next president,

If you were suffering from a drug that was a struggle to get away from and you wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. How would you feel? Heroin is a drug that you crave more of it every time you take it. It is also illegal in the U.S. and it is capable of destroying communities. The U.S. should be more striked on the use of the narcotic and parents should watch their teens actions better. Parents should also provide their teens with rehab to help themselves and the people around them. It is important because it is capable of killing you.

Heroin is a dangerous drug that affects generations mentally. From the article “I’m literally just rotting”, the author exposes that people that use this drug tend to be depressed and have a deep urge to end their addiction. For example, a teen in the article explains that “There is nothing I can think of that is good in my life right now.” The average heroin addict takes 100 hits a day. The family is affected along with the communities and the one doing the heroin because a teen can easily be influenced try a drug and it spreads. Families can be affected because they could be concerned about their teen. Over the past decade heroin deaths have increased over 50% according to the article. The article also elaborates that teens are at risk of dying and obtaining cancer, hepatitis, and a higher risk of HIV.

Heroin addiction can be diminished because they have local medical centers you can go to and get rehab. You can pay monthly for rehab and they imprison people that sell it. I want you as a president to think about the teens that suffer from the heroin addiction they urge to get out of. Help the families that care about their teen to find hope and help pay for rehab. Ultimately, the percentages of heroin are rising and needs to be policed more.


Aaron Barksdale

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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