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Animal Abuse

This article is about animal abuse.

October 7, 2016

Dear Next President,

I believe that animal abuse is a horrible act for humans to harm their pets today. I would like to see a change in the society of owning a pets today. As a pet owner myself, pets are great companions. They bring lots of joy and happiness.

There are many animals that are homeless and in the pound because of being neglected by their owners. Animals should not be treated as if they don't belong their. They should be treated as part of the family from their owner. People are forgetting that animals are just like us, they eat to survive and they need shelter as well. So it shouldn't be too hard to take in an animal that need a place to live. If my opinions are not enough to convince you, then I will tell you some evidence I have found.

According to “Utah, Colo. cities probe cat killings” by Mike Mcphee, Denver Post, writes that “research shows many violent criminals have history of animal abuse”. This goes to show that previous owners abuse their pets because they were or are a criminal. Throughout the article he points out about “abusers practice on animals to desensitize themselves to suffering before”. He also reports from an officer seeing a “cat in salt lake had a perfect circle cut in its side, clear though the ribs. Its organs had been removed.”. People do terrible things to animals just because they either like it or just want them to be extinct. Throughout all of these evidence I found, I have come to a solution.

A solution for this is to have some families who don't have someone in their home with a criminal record, to own a pet. They should treat them like family. Next president, I hope that when you read this letter, you will fully consider how I feel about animal abuse. Hopefully more pet owners that abuse their pets can change, and if they do not. They should be put to jail.