Darla Illinois

World Poverty

Changes in the economy need to be made so that those at home and abroad can live generously

Dear Future President,

                            There is a big problem dealing with world poverty and it needs to be changed. 22,000 children die daily due to poverty (UNICEF) . More than 3 billion people make less than $2.50 a day. You and I both know that it is not enough to live by and support yourself. I think that our money should be used more wisely because we tend to spend it on the things that are not as important. There is much help provided to the people in the States that are not finally stable, opposed to out of the country, where there is not much help provided at all.  I personally think the way Americans waste products can be reduced and reused for a greater outcome.

                          I am asking can you create a policy that were people outside the United States can get more financial help. If you cannot do that I would like to ask how can you create a system that would help out world finances. A lot of the countries that are in world poverty are the ones that we buy our products from. I believe that world poverty can be helped, but it cannot be stopped. I ask can you make this one of the first issues you choose to improve on. I recently went out of the country to Jamaica and everyone was amazed at the fact that I was from America. I asked "why is that so amazing?" and he told me "the government cares about you all and what happens to you at night." This made me think wow, all they want is to supported by their government. We can  help them be capable of that. 

  To see this country change by your actions would make me happy as global citizen.

                                                      -American Citizen

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