Lily California


Joblessness is ruining America.

Dear Future President,

    First, it is an honor to write to the future president but I am not here to type out my praise to you. I am here today to address a major issue plaguing all of America, the problem of unemployment. Many if not all of American families as well as others rely on jobs as a source of payment to support their families or simply themselves. With money being the single most important thing in this society, allowing people to gain access to food and shelter though it. However, if a family member does not have a job it has a huge impact on that family. As of this moment 5.5% of California is unemployed as of August 2016. Due to this many families are forced onto the streets and to live off of scrapes and morsels they can find. While people are job hunting there is a higher chance of them gaining lousy jobs, which then could result in  crime rate increases. Many unemployed people often end up turning to crime as a source of some kind of income making neighborhoods unsafe to live in as well as increasing crime rates. Some are also taken into bad working conditions which also increase mood and attitude which also increase crime rate. As said the lack of jobs within America is forcing a bunch of Americans into poverty. Another thing is that joblessness affects the economy. Although if one person loses his/her job then it would not be so bad, however , if a lot of people lose their jobs then taxes will not get paid.  If taxes do not get paid enough then slowly but surely they will raise taxes for the employed people to compensate for the loss. If that happens then employed people might not have enough money to support their families and continue paying for common necessities such as food and shelter. Studies have shown that 45% of mortgages fall into foreclosure as a direct result of unemployment, thus with a rising rate of unemployment, foreclosure rates will also rise, leading bankruptcy rates to rise and the home values to fall. If people keep losing their jobs at this rate then America will slowly crumble.