Kierra Louisiana

Jobs and Wages

My concerns in this area.

Dear President,


       I am writing you because I am very concerned with the decreasing of jobs and the wages of jobs in this area. Most of the businesses in Ferriday, Louisiana are closing down or already closed therefore the people in this community are unable to work, and the people who have jobs are being paid low incomes. 

Jobs in this area are well needed for many reason such as : to be able to support their familes, to be able to pay for colleges, etc. The people in this area want a bright future for there children and its hard for some parents to support their children without having to have two jobs or work long hours, because the wages are so low. It is very sad because children sometimes have to miss their opportunity to go to college because of funds and no one has done anything about it. 

    I also think that the lack of businesses in this area is a reason the jobs are low. As a president i think that you should provide us with funds so that our community can grow and people can support their familes. You have the title president of the United States and you have made the United States promises, what are you gonna do for us?

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