Cortney New Jersey

Gender Inequality

So many people judge on what people believe in and that is wrong.

Dear Future President,

A major problem in this world is gender inequality, everybody should be treated equally even though we are all different we needed to be treated like a human being.

Gender Inequality refers to unequal treatment of individuals based on their gender.

People pay attention to your looks, how much money you have, etc. but they don’t pay attention to your personality. Woman with full time jobs still only earn about 77% of Males, and African American women earn 64 cents while Latina Women earn 56 cents for every dollar from a Caucasian man. People have to stop just paying attention to People’s looks because that is not the only part of someone's body.

62 Million Girls are denied education all around the world and that number needs to lower… Here is how we can stop Gender Inequality. We can Stop by

Giving People the same Opportunities same gender opportunities

We can offer higher level of education for everyone

We can be activists and raise a petition

We can just be supporters to everyone

Here are some Examples of Gender Inequality

Freedom of Marriage (Australia,etc)

Citizenship (Israel, Tunisia, and parts of Egypt)

Violence (India)

Education Access (Afghanistan)

Almost everywhere in the world there are Gender Inequality issues of its violence, Education, etc there is always an issue.

The Global Gender pay GAp ranges from 3% to 51% with a global average of 17%

In my Opinion everybody should get paid equally no matter who they are, what they believe in. Business workers should focus on how good of a worker they are, and just pay attention to your business.

Solution- People shouldn’t judge a person on physical features, who they work for, what they believe in. Judge them on their personality.