Colin K. Pennsylvania


Letter to our future President

Dear Future President,

This years Presidential Election is crucial. There are many people who are protesting and affecting the decision of who will be our next President. The main people who are doing this seem to be famous athletes that everyone looks up to and sees as a strong role model in life. One of the crucial topics in this debate is the racism in our country and what can we do to help stop it. In my opinion I believe police brutality in the inner city is a key cause to the start of a new protest or when something else against racism. Lebron James has the same type of knowledge I have on this situation by saying, “As a society we have to do better. We have to be better for one another, don’t matter what race you are.”

Lebron’s quote speaks loudly for this situation because it really does not matter what race you are. We all live in this world and this country together and everyone should be able to respect that aspect in life. There is a point in time where we need to move forward in life, and in the year of 2016, I believe we have come far as a nation to help these types of situations be controlled. Everyday athletes in all sports are influencing the decisions of young kids and I believe it is bringing races closer together through leadership, charity and the passion that they put into their sport. Athletes are influencing one another on becoming better people and better role models for us kids and young adults. Whomever the next president may be, I wish you the best, but I also hope you help bring this country closer to peace.


Colin Kennedy