Bridget D New Jersey

Keep our Beaches Clean

We need to keep our beaches clean.


Dear President,

“The only things that should left on our beaches are footprints “, an organization called Leave only states. This is a organization who is trying to help keep our beaches clean. If we don’t keep our beaches clean then our ocean will become polluted too. Ocean Pollution can really affect our whole entire life.

If our beaches and ocean are polluted , it will affect many jobs. The fish will mistaken trash for food and die, and the fishing industry will die. Even the sea food restaurants will go out of business. An estimated 200 million people are directly or indirectly employed in the fish and seafood industries. For example, my friend’s dad is a commercial fisherman, he relies on fish to keep his job and support his family.

Nobody wants a beach with dirty water and garbage every where. We want our beaches to be luxurious and eye appealing. Not only is this important to the people who live at the beach, but the tourist too! Even though sometimes we don’t like “benny's” If we didn't have them many small beach businesses would not make as much money as they would of.

Beach cleanups are very important. Not only to save our beaches but to get more involved in our community, and be more aware of what is really polluting our ocean and beaches. And, to save the marine life ! This year, more than 378,000 volunteers participated in cleanups around every major body of water around the globe! We all want a clean ocean and beach.

Trash in the ocean kills more than one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and turtles each year, that is a big number of sea animals. This is happening because our beaches are not clean , and trash is slowly moving into the ocean.Sea animals are mistaking trash for food and dieing. If we don't keep our beaches clean there will soon be many endangered animals!

I know that the beach may not be as important if you don't live at live shore. But, we all share the same ocean and trash can show down the whole coast line ! More than 200 billion pounds of plastic the world produces each year, about 10 % ends up in the ocean!

Imagine, white soft sand on your feet, light blue clear water,seagulls soaring through the air, boats on the horizon, families laughing and playing in the water, and fish jumping out of the ocean.This what I hope to see in the future!

 From, your fellow citizen

Brielle Elementary

Eighth Grade Citizens

The students in the eighth grade who wished to post their letters are featured here. Students worked for several weeks in both Social Studies and Language Arts classes, crafting their arguments. They participated in Penpal Schools Decision 2016 as well as Media Literacy Week.

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