Ella L. Maine

Saving the Ocean

In this letter you will read about why the ocean is dying, what the causes were and how we can fix this problem

Dear Future President,

In this world we need a few things like air, water, and food. Everything we need to live comes from the ocean and we're polluting it. You don't have to be a scientist to see this, you just need to be a person with a heart. Plants, animals, and humans will not make it very far if we pollute everything.

Major industries will not succeed and will go out of business if the overfishing doesn't stop. For example fish like swordfish, yellowfin, and other large fish stocks are going down by 90%. Some others reasons that fish are not being produced as fully, is because these fish have and still are consuming trash. Therefore you cannot eat the fish, therefore companies are losing money. Fish are showing up dead on coastlines all over the world. How are companies supposed to produce healthy fish if there are none left? You simply cannot.

When we pollute the oceans we get closer and closer to killing us too. When people are living in poverty, they turn to the oceans for food. They eat the fish and the animals in the ocean; if there is not healthy fish in the ocean very poor people might starve without a food resource. We humans get 50% of our oxygen from the ocean. β€œThe ocean produces oxygen through the plants (phytoplankton, kelp, and algal plankton) that live in it. These plants produce oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis, a process which converts carbon dioxide and sunlight into sugars the organism can use for energy.” We need to save the plants and animals in order to save us. We NEED the ocean. Other than humans, animals are dying from the pollution by eating trash, consuming unhealthy plants, and absorbing oil and other harmful entities. The Great Barrier Reef recently is at its worse, it is going through a bleaching period due to the warm waters. Although not dead yet there is not much we can do to save the 25 million-year-old coral reef. On the contrary, it's not just oceans, its beaches as well. The trash accumulates over the years and washes up on beaches bringing animals with it.

You should encourage your citizens to get more involved in saving our ocean. They can simply pick up trash, use less fertilizer, vote smarter, reduce energy use, eat sustainable seafood, recycle and can even join websites like oceana.org. Its important to get involved in helping our world.

You as president should use more of the government's money on the environment and saving the animals, oceans and even us in ways, than our defense team. As president it's your job and important for you to protect the US citizens. So please take this note into consideration, and find it in your heart to make a change in how were treating our oceans.


Ella Lemieux