Josalyn New Jersey


Equality is a huge problem that needs to be solved!!

Dear future president,

Racial equality is a huge problem trying to be settled in the Supreme Court. Gender equality and equal pay are also some huge problems. Equality is faced everyday all around the world.

One type of equality that is a problem is Racial Equality. Recently there has been a conflict between black cops shooting whites or white cops shooting blacks. One example of a black on white shooting is in Louisiana when two white cops pinned down Alton Sterling a 37 year old black man to the ground of a parking lot and then was shot. “A caller called a dispatcher that a black man in a red shirt who was selling CDs had threatened him with a gun” so then the police found this man then pinned him down and shot him. Supposedly some say that the call wasn't true and some say it was that they just shot this innocent man for no reason. This is just one of few white and blacks shooting that happened his year. Also one example of racial equality.

Another type of equality is the problem with equal pay. Equal pay is problem when men get payed less than women do for the same about of years working and the same job. “The average woman will make $430,480 less than her male counterpart over the course of 40 years” This is obviously not fair. Women and Men should receive equal pay for the same job and same amount of hours. I believe that everyone should receive equal pay does not matter if there and woman or men. “Women are earning 80 percent of what men earn” this is not fair once again. Women should be paid the same amount of men.

In conclusion I think equality is a huge problem that should try to be solved. Equal pay and Racial equality are just two of many types of inequalities

Sincerely,  Josalyn