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Marine Life at Risk

How humans have put marine life in danger, and it will affect humans in the long run.

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you Mr. President about pollution to Marine Life. Right now there is about 80% of marine pollution coming from activities on land, basically meaning from humans. My belief is that something must be done, otherwise thousands of marine animals will die.

Marine pollution is a big problem because humans are destroying the homes of animals to oil and garbage.

Humans are destroying the homes of animals because oil spills keep happening over and over, this means the oil is poisoning wildlife.The first problem with marine life is oil. Most people think that oil spills are creating the most hassle, but in perspective if we fix oil spills from never happening again. But the oil will keep flowing into the oceans. Due to the fact that 36% of oil actually comes from rivers and streams as a result of runoff from industrial sites and cities. When the oil enters large bodies of water, the oil destroys animals homes and poisons the animals that live in them.

Humans are destroying Animal habitats with garbage because humans are disposing garbage into oceans to try and biodegrade the waste using water, but in return the garbage is not biodegrading. The second example of marine life pollution is different types of garbage from plastic and glass bottles, to plastic bags, packing materials, or even clothes. These forms of garbage can be very harmful or even deadly to an animal that consumes garbage. There an alarming increase in the amount of wildlife that died to plastic bags. For example animals such as whales, seals, turtles, and puffins mistake plastic bags as food . Which the plastic then clogs the esophagus and stomach of the animal. Eventually choking or making the animal to weak. Marine life also suffocates on the six pack plastic rings you get from soda cans.

Marine pollution is a big problem because it is causing to much damage, but it will cost too much money.Marine pollution is big, but it just costs too much money. In 2014 a study shows that plastics have caused more than thirteen billion dollars each year. The amount of money made off of plastic items is not nearly enough,seventy-five million, to make any profits in return. Profits are not being made off of plastics. So there is too much damage being caused to the point of humans not wanting to fix the problem because of how much money cleaning up garbage will take.

Many marine animals are in trouble , from the pollution caused by oil, to pollution caused by garbage. So what are you going to do about this horrific problem.

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Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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