Izaak D. Minnesota

Anti-Gun Laws Won't Stop Killings

Anti-gun laws have not effect on killings because criminals will find other means of getting guns or if no guns are available they will find other means of killing

Future President

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington D.C. 20500

Dear: Future President

Imagine someone taking away or ruining something someone has worked their whole life for. That is what the government is doing to the second amendment because of killings that are killing many in the United States every day. By adding stricter laws that are limiting many people from obtaining guns. This issue is important to me because guns are something that many others and I use for hunting and shooting at the firing range like a lot of other Americans. And we're scarred that are right might be taken away by these new laws put upon us by the few who do wrong. Therefor, I think killings are not going to be reduce by new gun laws because criminals will find other means of getting guns in an easy way and if guns aren't available criminals will find other means of killing.

Killings will not be reduced because of new laws preventing people from buying guns becas if criminals want to get guns they will find a way that's just as easy as buying one from a store. Around a quarter million guns are smuggled into Mexico each year and about a tenth are used as stockpiles for criminals so when they need guns of which they can't obtain they smuggle them right back into the US for the use of violence. Also, in there US there are many weapon black markets where people who can buy guns sell them to these black markets and make a lot of money. So those who can't get the guns may purchase them and do whatever they like without going over any laws. It's crazy to see the amount of ways criminals have to obtain guns illegally and how easy they are to obtain illegally. Therefore, the evidence shows that criminals have many means of getting guns if they want and gun laws can do nothing about them obtaining guns.

People involved in killings by criminals will stay the same of guns are taken away. Criminals always find ways to accomplish their goal and if guns are taken away they will find another way. Even some of the worst killings in US history happened when guns weren't a part. Like 9/11 where around 3000 people were killed and not a single gunshot was fired. Or even the worst school mass murder happened in Bath, Michigan in 1927 were explosives were used to kill some 44 student and teachers. Seeing that these mass killings were done without guns, who's to say that taking away guns won't lead to increase in massive scale killings like these. So anti-gun laws doesn't stop criminals from achieving what they want and in some cases killings without guns were some of the worst ever.

It is reasonable to see why people think anti-gun laws would reduce killings saying that around 13000 people were killed in crimes that involved guns in 2013. But what they don't see is that 75 percent of the people killed by guns involved guns that were illegally given to the killer meaning the killer didn't buy the gun himself. Showing that the anti-gun laws wouldn't have had any effect in 75 percent of the killings. Also, when people say that anti-gun laws will stop killings it has been proven that in states with more weapons like Texas have significantly less killings involving guns each year. With 30 percent less killings and 40 percent less robberies in those states. The reasons why people believe anti-gun laws will stop gun related killings is very reasonable. But the actual facts show that most of their reasons are invalid and false.

Anti-gun laws will not reduce killings because criminals will always find ways to obtain guns rather legally or illegally and if no guns are available because of laws they will find other means of killing. Criminals will always find ways to obtain guns like they have for years through illegal ways like stockpiles in mexico and illegal black markets which get around any gun law. Also, if guns aren't an option criminals will always find away to kill and we've seen this through some of the worst mass killings in US history. Therefor, anti-gun laws would not prohibit killings and would only take away the right of owning a gun to the average gun- owning American which is unfair due to the reason being the actions of the few.

Thanks for your time






Minnetonka HS

MSH Period 5

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