Calvin C. Minnesota

Why College Should Be cheaper

Cheaper prices

Future President

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington D.C. 20500

Future President,

Debt is a major thing in this country, the US being trillions of dollars in debt our everyday college student and parents go through a similar situation. The price of college has gotten out of hand in this country, being up to 30,000 dollars per year just to try and get a higher level of education. Me going to college soon has me thinking about a lot of these struggles people are going through I'm trying not to let them happen to me. I think that college in the united states needs to be lowered but not free.

College has always been expensive but now a days it is putting many students and their families in debt from the outrageous amounts of money you need to spend to go to college. College is putting fear into kids and parents who are in or are going to be in college in soon time coming. A study by Chris Pumphrey said that 66% of students and families are very concerned on how they are going to pay back their student loans they need for college. This number is very concerning to me, that means 15 million students grades 9-12 who are planning on going to college more than half of them and their parents are beginning to get concerned on how they are going to pay back these loans. I know when I go to college and after I graduate I don't want to be focused on how I'm to pay back these loans, I want to focus on my future and how I'm going to spend my money in the future not how I'm still paying things back from the past.

College has always been expensive, but now a days it has just gotten out of hand for most americans. College prices being so high and increasing still is not helping the fact of people of going into debt. A study by John W. Schoen who is a writer for CNBC did a study on the school of Harvard. Harvard has always been a prestigious school, but in the last 40 years the price of their tuition has gone up 10 times what it was. I think this is crazy I know thing always get more expensive as time goes on but constantly increasing every year and now 10 times what it was seems a little much to me. If college is already putting people into debt now why are the still increasing the prices and how are people going to pay those loans off if they just keep getting bigger?

College staff is very concerned with this issue of lowering prices and they think that they will be taking major pay cuts and being completely against the idea. I think that a pay cut could be in line but not a large one, these people worked very hard to get where they are and there is no need to take their money away from them. If they cut the pay of the teachers by just a little bit and combining classes into similar rooms could save space and money. I also do not believe in free college, many people talk about increasing taxes “just a bit” to provide for people who can't afford college. If we made this a thing it would be a 70 billion dollar increase for taxpayers and the government to pay for each year. How would they even decide how much money went to each student if they wanted to study different thing because not everything costs the same. College is a thing that should be cheaper but not free.

Debt is all around us everyday, our country is very deep in it, but we should be not worried about how we will be paying back our student loans but how we can higher education the future generations to get us out of this world wide debt. With 66% of future college students and parents highly concerned how they will be paying back the debt, we need to help them through this time. Continuously increasing prices is not helping put these people at ease on how they are going to get through the whole college process. With 16 million students in grades 9-12 and 18.2 million already in college, this is a large amount of people that need to be taken account for. I hope that you read this and realize that this is a major issue in our country and not another thing you can just avoid or not at least talk about. This needs to be dealt with.