Hannah A. North Carolina

Gun Control

As a nation we need to fix gun control.

Dear future President,

Merriam Webster’s College Dictionary defines Gun Control as“laws that control how guns are sold and used and who can own them.” If we define it in such a way why is it not happening this way. With every growing day guns are getting easier and easier to get. With the internet and laws losing some of their power it makes it so easy for people to get their hands on such a dangerous tool. As a nation we need to do something about this issue. America is supposed to be the country of freedom, not gun violence. You as the future president need to solve this problem.

Gun control leads to more domestic violence. Women are more at risk during a domestic dispute if a gun enters the mix. In 2011, about “⅔ of women killed with guns were killed by their significant other” (“Domestic Violence Firearms”). If a gun enters a domestic dispute the chances of death rises by 500%. Children are also at big risk. About “2,677 kids die each year from gun violence. 1,671 tenagers and children have died from being murdered” (“Domestic Violence Firearms”).

The second amendment does mean everyone can own guns, but to what extent? Women are more at risk around guns. “Every day 5 women are murdered with guns in the United States of America” (“Domestic Violence Firearms”). With more guns laws in place not only would women be safer but everyone would. Gun’s cause a lot of death. From “1999 to 2013 there had been a total of 464,033 deaths from gun violence, 174,773 of which have been homicides” (“Domestic Violence Firearms”).

Some people believe that having guns is a good thing. They think because having such weapons they can protect themselves. It shows that having a gun puts people more at risk than not having one. A lot of the time, having a gun can lead to more harm than protection.

There are many ways to solve gun control. Not have guns in the first place. Guns can lead to much trouble that we should have just removed them in the first place. If we had found a way to remove them a long time ago, we should have. A different way to help solve this issue is to have more background checks and regulations. Last year every state got a letter grade about their gun laws. From the fifty states 26 of them are falling. Out of all of the failing states only one of them have background checks. If we put more rules and regulations maybe this will help cut down on violence and help with raising the grade overall.

Do we really want to live in a world that gun violence ravages the world? Yes, we will always have guns. It is nearly impossible to get rid of all the guns in the world, but with more rules and regulation it could help some. As the future president need to focus more on this probable than any other issue.

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