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Letter To The President: Immigration

The topic of this letter is immigration.

Dear Mr. President,

Immigrants are the foundation of this country and they have had a positive effect on our country. To discard immigrants would be to discard taxpayers, entrepreneurs, job creators and consumers which is vital to our country’s economy.

They are a big part of our community’s economy and culture. They have made our culture richer by, over time, colliding various cultures into one. “Nashville has numerous ethnic and community organizations reflecting its diverse demographic.” (The Tennessean) This means, many different ethnicities in TN have contributed to the complex and rich civilization we now have.

They have employed people and added to our economic statis. The immigrants start businesses and employ people which provides people who need jobs, jobs. “Tennessee’s 11,178 Asian-owned businesses had sales and receipts of $3.6 billion and employed 26,402 people in 2007.” (American Immigration Council) As a result, employees would have the money to go buy products which adds to and improves the total of the state’s economy.

You, as our next president, should address this issue by giving immigrants, who have created a life here, citizenship. Also, you should help give more people from around the world more of a chance to get citizenships. This will make our country diverse and our economic statis better due to their business and it will work because the immigrants will be able to make a difference in our country when they feel safer.

You need to help ease up on the immigrants. Their impact on our larger community has expanded our knowledge, actions, and quality of life.


Febronia Azer



STEM Prep High School

STEM Prep High School: Nashville

The Graduating Class of 2024.

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