Alex V. Illinois

Bringing illegal Immigrants

Why we need to bring illegal immigrants to the United States?


Dear Future President,

On may 13th in 2013, about 5,595 immigrants had died crossing the border since 1998. So that means that 5,595 have people died while crossing the border. The last time people were killed crossing the border was 1998. So thatś why we need to bring immigrants to the united states because we need to stop people from getting killed by crossing the border.

There were about 11.1 million authorized illegal immigrants in the United States in 2014. There were six states accounted of 59% of unauthorized immigrants in 2014 and those six states were California, Texas, Florida, New york, New Jersey, and Illinois. The Nation's population of illegal immigrants in 2009 was 3.5%. there is a lot of reasons to bring immigration to stop all of this.

According to the :// we can raise the number of legal immigrants by about 50 percent, to about 1.8 million a year. That meets the economy's demonstrated demand for workers.another fact is that don't micromanage who gets in. Allocate visas using a simple three-way formula that gives about equal weight to family, work, and education: This is how we can make more illegal immigrants to the country and stop all of this .


 Alex Vicuna

Gurrie Middle School

1-2 LaBud ELA

1-2 LaBud ELA

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