Isabella c. Kentucky

The issue of immigration

Immigration is good and bad on many different levels. This are some of the good features of immigration.

What is immigration?  Immigration means the action of economy to permanently in a foreign country. In 2015 there were 244 million international immigrants worldwide. Then nineteen percent of the worlds immigrants live in the United States. Well, immigrants aren't all that bad for the United States. Three reasons that immigrants are great for the U.S. are that the birth rate is zero percent and more immigrants can help raise it, there are jobs that immigrants will do that the upper and middle class won't and we can help earn more money. 

When I say that the birth rate is zero percent, what that means is that someone dies and only one person was born. The immigrants can help reproduce and that would help count as more people. Especially if the immigrants can bring their kids with them, that counts as more people. It becomes a cycle, their kids have kids, and so on and so on. This is how immigrants help bring up the birth rate. 

The second reason that immigrants are good is that they will do jobs other Americans won't do. For example, the person that has to scoop poop from the animals at the circus, is just happy to have a job to provide for their family. Jobs that Americans take for granted are the same jobs that immigrants will do to help their family. This is how immigrants help fill jobs.

Finally, immigrents help America recieve more money. They do this by doing jobs in America that they do in Mexico. Also, less and less Americans have been farming, they rely on machines to do their jobs. Immigrants have knowledge of farming and have grown up working hard on the farm. Therefore they will help make more money for the United States. This is how immigrants will earn Americans more money.

In conclusion, this is how immigrants will help the birth rate, fill jobs that need to be filled and earn America more money. This is why immigration is not all bad. It can help America also.