Noelia O. New York

Give US a Chance

Most immigrants in the Unites States took a risk on leaving their families to have better lives and chances toward their future.

Dear President,

As a citizen that has been living for seven years in the United States, I have realized that immigration is a significant issue in our country. Immigrants have brought the variety of languages, the jobs, food, and institutes that helped the United States economy to improve. According to Migration Policy Institute written by Jie Zong and Jeanne Batalova in 2010, it says, "Immigration to the United States is often the subject of significant public and political debate, with questions about the size of inflows, the role of immigrants in the labor market, enforcement and humanitarian admission policies, and benefits and costs." As it has been proven in this article, even though there is a large amount of immigrants in the United States, they do impact our country in a positive way. Think about all the different restaurants you have the chance of eating at.  The first thing you see are Immigrants making sure you are enjoying your meal. How about the amount of immigrants that are outside everyday fixing your building or constructing government buildings?  Look around and you will see many immigrants that came here to have a better life and are giving their effort to make our country beneficial for everyone.  Also, 13.3% of our population is made of immigrants. If immigrants make such a significant part of our population is for a reason.  This is just one simple reason the United States is the place of opportunities. Many of these people used to live in a third world country, where there is not a good education programs for their children, no security, no jobs.  They are just no opportunities for them to survive. That is why they decided to take risk; some of them leave their family behind to improve their lives for themselves and their families. Since you have become the President of the United States, you should make sure that immigrants and Americans have equal and fair rights because every human being that steps in the United States is American.  Give us a chance to make America again.


Noelia Ortiz

Repertory Company High School

Period 4

Letters to our Future President

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