Dianna Q. Georgia

Immigrants are People too.

You must put an end to deportation of immigrants.

Dear Mr/Mrs. president,

You must put an end to immigrant deporting and separating all of these innocent people who are just here to look for a better future. Most people see them as terrorists, thieves and criminals, or that these people are only coming here to invade this country, to destroy, and ruin everything. But be honest with yourself, Hispanics and other immigrants are helping make up our community. No they're absolutely not here to steal anyone's job not at all. When do you ever see a Hispanic on the side of the road asking for money with a old piece of cardboard that has written: "No job.... please help! must feed three kids." No, we come from hard working people; we earn our jobs, and if we can't work legally, or for another reason, we always find out a way. 

You don't know the sacrifice that parents make just for their children to get a better education than they had when they were children. They want them to get an education so that they can get a better future, and that they won't live the life their parents are living working at a chicken plant or working a lot for a low pay. 

I know some Hispanic people aren't the best in this world and they commit crimes, but not everyone is like that. Most of us are the nicest people you'll ever meet. Like some people say, "all Mexicans are rapists, criminals, and thieves." Which isn't true those are all just stereotypes. I know people want us to stop coming into this country illegally, but that's why we need your help. Only you can help us. You can help us by stopping deportation and giving us a chance to prove to you that we're not all bad. You're probably thinking "why should I help them?"  or "if I give them a chance, they'll mess up and I'll make a fool of myself." But, No. You won't. 

                                                                                                   Sincerely, Dianna Q.