Kayla H. Michigan

The Hazards of Homophobia

Homophobia is affecting many people around the country. Kids feel unsafe at school, equality is still a big issue and no one is really doing anything about it.

Dear future President,

As I was growing up it wasn’t too surprising to hear something negative about the LGBT community because that’s what was normal to me. I didn't find it extremely alarming hearing words thrown around like “faggot” or phrases such as “that's gay” (usually used when something is dumb or not to that person's liking). I have recently learned that members of the LGBT community are being left unemployed, improperly cared for and feeling alienated. A way to prevent this is to provide health/safety centers all around specifically for the LGBT community in order for them to feel better and get more of the resources they need.

I learned that because of someone's sexuality it could limit them to the proper care/attention they actually may need. Children feel the need to hide themselves to feel normal, but being gay is okay, it's human. Unfortunately, according to Katherine O’hanlan “children, sometimes as young as two to eight years old, who experience homosexual feelings often are isolated and alienated from family members who perceive that heterosexuality is the only acceptable ‘norm.’” This is like the saying gay and straight couples are like bras and bikini tops. They are the same thing just only one of them is more socially acceptable. It is something all around us that isn't getting direct help. Sexual orientation shouldn't ruin a child's life because they think they aren’t valid in society.

I also learned that for some people, being out only causes more stress because they are viewed a specific way. Katherine O’hanlan also states that “American society has made gay men and lesbians the brunt of multiple levels of prejudice, with negative assumptions about their morality, trustworthiness, employability and integrity.” This means that because of someone's sexuality is limiting them to opportunities they would have had if they had ever come out in the first place. This is also saying that if they hide themselves they will automatically be a better person and perfectly capable of handling that job. It's unfair to those who just want to be comfortable in their own skin. This sounds a lot like how african americans were said to be “different” all because their skin color.

The last thing I learned was that homophobia is screwing with a child's education and that is unacceptable and could possibly ruin the foundation of their lives. Catherine Taylor and Tracey Peter say that “nearly two-thirds of female sexual minority students reported feeling unsafe in at least one area in their school due to their sexual orientation.” Feeling unsafe during school is absolutely horrifying, teachers and principals allowing others make your future a bust all because a select amount of people don’t accept you. There are counselors students can go to but there is not enough actual actions being done in order for school zones to keep it calmed and have peace between everyone.

In conclusion I’ve learned that homophobia is actually ruining people’s lives. Just because they have legalized gay marriage, it doesn’t mean it has gotten better in other situations. They should not get any less than anyone else. There needs to be more public centers for members of the LGBT community, this way they can live how they should, normally, without being criticized by who they are.They are human too and as President you should help as many people as you can. A simple action that would be greatly appreciated by many around the country.


Kayla H.


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