Ben L. Massachusetts


Both the candidates have very different views, but I think the choice should be up to the mother.

Both of the major candidates have very different views when it comes to abortions. First Donald Trump wants to eradicate abortions. I believe this is wrong because a man should not be able to take a woman's right away. Hillary Clinton wants to allow women to have abortions when ever in there time in pregnancy. I also believe this is wrong because women who are healthy along with their babies should not be aloud to have an abortion in their last weeks because they just don't want the baby.

In 2012 there were about 699,202 abortions reported to the CDC. As Mr. Trump says that it is wrong to rip babies out of the womb in the second and third trimesters. Well one fact about abortions is that 63.1% of abortions happen in the first nine or less weeks. There is still about 20% of people still getting abortions in the second and third trimester. Which I think Mrs. Clinton should have some restraints like if the woman is in danger or if the baby is in danger then they should be allowed to have an abortion. If somebody is in the last couple of weeks and they say “I don’t feel like having a baby, I want an abortion” I think that is wrong.

I think the call to action should be, that it is the women's choice, but I think there should be some rules though. One rule could be is that If the woman is in danger or the baby is in danger then there can be an abortion. Another rule should be if the women is in her last trimester and in the closing weeks and she just doesn't want the baby then she could be allowed the abortion, but there would be a fine. I know that this is a really broad topic but it should be the mother's choice.

Baker ELA


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