Dave a. Massachusetts



 Dear next President,

My name is Dave Auguste and I am a 17 years old and a student at Community Academy of Science and Health. I am writing to you on the political issue of immigration. The immigration law INA regulates foreign students, manages temporary workers, and authorizes humanitarian resources such as asylums and refugee admissions. What about families with legal children?  There needs to be a change. Families are being torn apart, and children being separated from parents. Immigrants come to America to have a better life. Imagine a world without them.

All over the country there immigrants, legal or not.  And they are helping to build the economy. According to the Center for American Progress, there are an estimated 11.3 million immigrants in the United States. Immigrants that are undocumented are getting paid under the table, which means that the employers donโ€™t pay social security taxes, unemployment insurance or workers compensation. Mass deportation would cost almost $1 trillion in lost revenue over 10 years. States with the unauthorized workers will experience the largest decline in GDP. Is America willing to lose that much money?

Think about it!