KY Massachusetts

Police Brutality

Police Brutality in the United State

Dear next President,

My name is Kyriah Adams Monroe I am 17 years old, I attend Community Academy Of Science and Health as a senior, located in Dorchester MA. Soon I will be attending  college and who ever becomes president I want the best for the the people of all kind.  Today I will be talking about Policy Brutality which is a big deal across the US. Many innocent lives were taken away from their loved ones, as the years goes on the number of deaths continue to increase as seen on this website (

Policy Brutality effects many including my self because I thought police men and women were people who save and help the ones in danger not kill and harm them. Who ever becomes the next president, I want them to stop the brutality by changing the police law.  It should be changed so that officers do not shoot to kill, they shoot only if its necessary.  And if they disobey the law they would have to face the consequences that will be given to them just the same as a men or women with a fire arm who killed someone.