Ashley E California

Immigrants aren't at fault

I believe that America should take time to analyze the majority of reasons for immigration, illegal or otherwise, and understand the circumstances they're in and the difficulties we put them through.

Dear Next President,

I ask that you please take a moment to consider the following.

How did America first begin? This land became The United States of America, because of immigrants.  We grew and expanded because of people immigrating into this country.

Migration is a part of nature.  It's programmed within us to leave our homes for another. Though I do agree that coming over illegally is wrong, I think we need to let it become a bit easier for people to pass over. You see, this is why so many resort to other measures.  Since it's already hard enough for them, they become desperate. Most people from other countries come over to better their lives, to make something better of it. Especially when people from poorer countries attempt to come over, they sometimes can't because they may not have everything required. This country is known for freedom and opportunity -- and my dear President, I don't think it's right for us to deprive anyone of those chances.

Punishment for those who do come illegally shouldn't be so hard, especially if their records have been good during the time they've stayed here. Unlike the common belief, not all illegal immigrants are here to commit crimes.  As statistics show, only 13.6% of crimes done in the United Statesare commited by illegal immagrants

I just think that you should take into consideration everything before categorizing illegal immigrants and being so hard on all of them.

Grand Arts High School

Grand Arts High in DTLA -- Mr. Gozonsky's Classes

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