lehanie California


What I think about abortion.

Everyone talks about what they like or dislike about abortion but what about the women who have been kidnapped and raped? The women who were rescued but bear the burden of the pregnancy of a man's child whom she doesn't love. I can understand why some people do not like abortion but just imagine if you were in that predicament. Now if that happened to me I wouldn't want to be reminded of what happened to me. But, I would still keep my kid because he or she is my child and no matter what I would still love him or her. But not all people feel that way so what I'm saying is that abortion should be available for those who are victims of sex trafficking, rape, you name it. But for the people who don't use protection or had an accident you can either put your baby up for adoption or take responsibilities for your actions. Abortion shouldn't be an option for stupid people who can't take responsibility for their actions but should be available for those who are forced to have a kid that was forced upon them.