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Don't Worry, Be Happy!

I don't want you to Stress Out...

Dear next president,

Congratulations on becoming the President of the United States. Not knowing much about politicians and governmental topics, I know that being president might be hard. You will get tons of hate from the people that didn’t vote for you, or you might make laws that the citizens won’t like. But for now all I want to say is relax. You might get lots of work, but you know that, since you wanted to become president. At first, I wanted to write about the problems the U.S. is going through, but according to, in order to succeed in future plans, you need to have a calm state of mind and a calm and prepared body. You don’t want to do things rushed, for it will cause bigger problems. We want our country to be orderly, and much of this responsibility is put upon you.

I think not only being calm is important, but also making sure to spend time with friends and family, which can help you take your mind off things. Personally, I like to be alone when I’m really stressed out, but sometimes, friends and family are your only remedy. Sometimes we don’t even realize it. So try to stay with your family as much as possible, okay? Go out and have lunch with them, go to a park, go swimming, do yoga. When you have time you should do all these activities with them, but don’t let these activities get in the way of your work, please.

Another thing I will like to tell you is that if you can be a great example to our country and it’s future workers. Although some people don’t watch the news or read the newspaper all that much, it’s still idea to give the other people who do a good opportunity to be like the president. We want our citizens to be good people right? Maybe if you show them the non-political side of you, they might want to get to know you better and think, “Hey, our president isn’t really half bad.” I want us to get to know you from the future, not from our past mistakes. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Do you like food? I know that’s a very stupid question, but going out to eat food or drink coffee is a good way to get rid of stress. There are many factors that come along with it like; you get to walk to a restaurant, which is nice exercise. You also don’t have to cook, but that only applies if you don’t like cooking. You can meet new people that are sitting next to you. I’m sure they will be amazed to meet the president of the U.S., cause I sure would. Make sure to order something that you think will fit your current mood. You don’t have to, but it certainly helps me. Also make sure not to eat too much because, eating too much will make you gain weight which is more stress on the body.

I just wanted to make you feel better, after receiving only notes on the flaws that this country has. I got inspiration from my teacher, after he said he wanted to send you a note on going outside into nature. I thought, “You know what, I feel bad that they are only sending the president notes based on pure complaints. We need to show the president some consideration.” I feel like receiving notes like these are very rare, so I wanted to write you one like this. I wish you the best of luck.


Laura S.

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