Aileen M. California

Should the government fund higher education?

If the cost keeps rising then college will become inaccessible to most students.

Dear Future President,

As our nation's new leader I believe that addressing our people and their issues and needs are important because it shows your compassion and understanding for them which is an important leadership skill and quality to have as a president.

Therefore I feel one important topic that should be addressed is the issue of the government funding higher education. I strongly believe that the government should fund higher education. My point is this, if the cost keeps rising then college will become inaccessible to the accessible students, especially to the students who may not be able to pay the unreasonable amount colleges and universities cost these days. This can impact our society in a major way because students will decide not to go to college or just drop out.

Some might argue that funding higher education might hurt our economy, but the only way we will be hurting our economy is by hurting our students and their education. As stated in The New York Times by Howard Cotten, Chancellor of Purdue University Calumet, "Students who go to college are prepared for well-paying jobs and they are also prepared to change careers as the world changes around them, having this impact on youth is important because not only are they the next generation they are also our next leaders, doctors, teachers, anything they choose to be ,but if we don’t give them choices then they won’t have opportunities or jobs for that matter and that will impact them, our society, and the economy much more than it is impacted now."

If you make college more accessible then the rates will increase for the amount of people that go to college and the economy will bloom. Education can change lives, and lives can change education, but if people don’t get the chance to experience it then they will never know, they won’t try and the cost of that will be even more tremendous than the cost of our economy. Due to these circumstances I really hope you consider my proposition of funding higher education.


                                                                                                                                                         Aileen Mestas

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