Drew R. California

Should college athletes get paid

Dear Next President,

I have always watched college sports and I always watch ESPN where they talk about sports. Sometimes they talk about wether college NCAA athletes should get paid. And I can see both sides of this story because I do have a brother that goes to college and he is a poor college student because he doesn't have time to work, play sports, and focus on school and get good grades.

When I hear them talking about how college athletes should get paid to be playing at the school I think it's a little ridiculous because people go to college to get better education so they can have a good job in the future. When division 1 athletes get scholarships to college they are mainly getting scholarships to be athletes but they also have to do the school work. College athletes that are trying to get to the next level go to college to get better and hopefully go the the NFL. But they are getting college paid for so they should not be getting paid to play sports because they put in hard work when they are already getting scholarships. The main sports that bring in money are Football and Basketball, so those are the main athletes that are getting paid. Yes, athletes that are that good are just trying to make it professional and they are going to college on a scholarship when most people would have student loans. So instead of having student loans they are getting to play and have schooling for free, so they should not be getting paid.