Diana S. California

We are all immigrants

Claim : When you finish reading this letter you WILL be convinced that illegal immigration is great for our country.

Dear President,

When you finish reading this letter you WILL be convinced that illegal immigration is great for our country. For as long as I can remember in the English written part of the CSTs, America is viewed as this melting pot. A metaphor for our country where all kinds of people from different cultures, religions, and countries come together for a better life. A country with multiple opportunities and second chances.

Undocumented Aliens are willing to take all kinds of crazy unwanted jobs the average American in NOT willing to do. For example crouching all day in the hot sun for $7 dollars picking fruit and vegetables. For not even the minimum which is $10 is being given, for their hard work. Sound appealing to do some back breaking labor?  Not to most Americans -- which is why we don't do it. We let other people who aren't even from this country work so hard to bring you your $17 salad to your table.Then you kick them out of the country for not having legal documents. You don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Immigrants contribute to our culture and society. Having mixed cultures in a country is a great thing. They bring in their skills and work in our country. For example the Germans contributed with their amazing cars. The Koreans brought Samsung products, Vietnam brought mobile phone which every person in our society uses. Many people from different countries have brought their lands' skills to the U.S. Your favorite food might not even be from the U.S.: for example, pizza is from Italy, sushi is from Japan, your delicious tacos are from Mexico. You think those types of food just magically appeared one day? No -- someone from that culture and country brought it with them when they came to the U.S.  Immigrants bring their skills to make a better life for themselves and even for us.

According to the Treasury Department, the federal deficit totaled $439 billion in FY 2015 (an initial report from the Congressional Budget Office on October 7th estimated the deficit at $435 billion), with $3.25 trillion of revenue and $3.69 trillion of spending. Illegal immigration would tremendously improve our economic growth. According to the Bipartisan Policy Center estimates that undocumented aliens would increase U.S employment and raise wages.The Congressional Budget Office also projects it would add 9 million workers to the labor force while slightly increasing wages over 20 years. It is also estimated that federal deficits would decrease by almost $1.2 trillion over 20 years.

In my point of view illegal immigrants would and already do contribute to a country they are not sure they'll be in tomorrow. I believe that as a basic human right we shouldn't have the right to decide on who gets to stay and who doesn't. When we can all share this piece of land like we should have from the beginning. Besides aren't we all immigrants we call came from different countries generations ago? America is a nation full of immigrants -- the only true Americans are the Native Americans. Everyone else came from somewhere else and look, look at how quickly we forgot.

Yours Truly,

Diana Sotelo- Valenzuela

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