Marwa H. Nevada

Not all Muslims are Terrorists

The future President of America needs to discontinue the Patriot Act, and implement laws that wont create barriers between different religions. The bill is causing uncalled for factions amongst people of different ideals which shouldn't be occurring.

Dear Future President,

I am contacting you through this letter in hopes of being able to inform you on how the Government has failed the nation. As harsh as it sounds, I'm saying this for the main reason that rather then uniting as a nation we have drifted apart and created multiple factions amongst people from different backgrounds, ideals, and cultures. Due to a horrifying and tragic event that took place on September 11th, 2001 we have allowed certain political figures, and government branches to make drastic decisions. Those decisions would later be enforced into law and will establish animosity amongst the American people. Not all Muslims are terrorist, and as a nation we have allowed this stereotype to get the better of us.

For starters, this hasty generalization has gone so far that it is continuing to affect American Muslims in school. This can be portrayed by 17 year old Californian, Bayan Zehlif. She has expressed her desires of wanting change by sharing her emotions on how she has been bullied not only by her peers, but by the teachers in her school. A school is suppose to be a learning environment, where students are encouraged to explore, progress, but also accept other people as well as their ideas. How can we continue to watch innocent people being beaten down by the people who should be lifting them up.

Subsequently, Guantanamo Bay has not been abolished. According to Close Guantanamo, around 779 individuals are held captive since the opening of the institution. About 709 prisoners were freed, or transported. This leaves about 60 men in that prison, however 20 of those men have been advised to be freed after certain evaluations were completed. Some of these men are being held against there will, and are tortured even though it has not been proven that they have any relationship to terrorist organizations. According to ACLU, the youngest prisoner held captive in Guantanamo bay was 13 years old. America stands on its argument of "innocent until proven guilty," but does this not apply to these individuals? By continuing this unethical prison what are we displaying to society? Are we trying to instruct them that its fine if we falsely accuse and, torment individuals? By allowing this institution to continue we are allowing the public to continue the common stereotypes that surround Muslims.
Omar Alnatour stated, "According to the FBI, 94% of terrorist attacks carried out in the United States from 1980-2005 have been by non-Muslims." The following quote, highlights the issue of how Muslims are automatically accused by the public of being terrorist when in reality studies have demolished that argument and presented it as invalid. Those 94% of individuals who have committed such horrendous crimes aren't labeled as terrorists then why have we automatically allowed the association of Muslims to terrorists?
Due to the following information displayed above, we need to ensure that the Patriot Act is terminated. We are allowing society to make false allegations against a group of people who share a common religion, perhaps even origin because of a crime someone else has committed. The Constitution is known for being the ultimate authority. In the Preamble it states," establish the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity," but is that what we are really doing?
Future President of the United States, please ensure that the fundamental principles of this country are still intact. By ending the Patriot Act, we will be one step closer to " a more perfect Union." I thank you for your time.  
Marwa M. Haneefzai
Canyon Springs HS

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Senior Magnet Students

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