stromi Kentucky

Problems in society

Dear future President,

Hi my name is ian strom from a school in kentucky school & i have some things to tell you about what would need to be changed when you become president .

One thing i think needs to be changed is school start times they very inconvenient for parents and students . All teens are supposed to to get 9 to 10 hours of sleep each night but if they fall asleep at 10:00 then get up at six to make it to school on time how will they have enough energy for the day? Especially if they these kids do extracurricular activities. They won’t have enough energy for that either.

Another problem i want to address is terrorism. Terrorism

Has become a big problem in society today & we need to address it. Since 9/11 we have made drastic differences to prevent terrorist attacks yet it still happens today more than ever. We are much bigger & stronger than these little terrorist groups like isis. The attack on paris was drastic and horrible and honestly we could’ve prevented it if we had discussed a way to take them out safely,& i know it costs money to do this but isn’t worth it.this is creating a big problem & we need to fix it.

I would also like to address racism in our society today i know it isn’t at its highest ever but it’s at its highest in years.Especially white cops and african american people. After the boy in ferguson was shot 6 times & killed by an officer for no reason racial tension has increased causing african americans to lash out & many attacks of cops have been on the news & we need some kind of movement to stop this because this is getting out of hand.The black lives matter movement is true but over exaggerated and eventually needs to stop.

In conclusion i hope that when you become president you read this & listen to this so you can resolve some problems with the USA right now because i only touched the surface there are many other things you should think to fix but you’ll be the president not me so you figure this out & make this country a good one to live in not one where problems is all we have.