Chyonique T. Mississippi

Disabled Parents and College Tuition

Some parents are disabled and then have to struggle and pay for their children's college tuition.

Dear Future President,

Being disabled isn't anyone's wish, and having to pay for your child's education is worse while being in this condition. As our next president, you could work with Congress or the Vice President to help out these disabled parents. My grandmother is disabled and she cannot provide for my little sister and me like she wishes she could. I am 16-year-old junior and as a female I am hard to take care of. As I only have the rest of my junior year and my senior year left, it is putting stress on my grandmother to think of how she will pay for my college. 

With the cost of college tuitions being almost $200,000 at times disabled parents can't take that. They have grants you can apply for but how is $1000 going to help a tuition cost of almost $200,000 for a 4yr college? One person who went through this said, "I do not want my father to pay for any of my college tuition since he only gets a set amount each month for all of the bills, food, and other things." Like this person said, disabled people get paid a certain amount for their needs that goes towards household items. They shouldn't have to spend their money that they need to feed their families with. 

 As our next president, you have to help these parents.  If you don't, you can be losing our next doctor, psychologist, teacher, or therapist.  You can be losing people that can change your life as our next president. Please help children like me who have guardians who are unable to pay $200,000 for their children to become successful.

As our next President, you could not only raise the grants for children with disabled parents but also create ways to make the grants easier to get. You could lower the GPA requirements. Simple things like that could mean the world for someone who missed the requirement by .2pts. The GPA requirement could be 3.5 and maybe they have a 3.333. People like myself work so hard to achieve things in life but fall short of the finish line.

As our next President, please consider doing these things because our country needs more leaders that are going down the right path of success and not the left path of destruction.

Hope you consider,

Chyonique T.