Jazmin Byars Mississippi


The president should make abortions illegal.

Dear Future President,

   If people keep deciding to do abortions the human race could probably end. Everybody should have a chance to live. Innocent babies are getting killed for nothing. If the president doesn't do anything about abortions a lot of babies wouldn't be born. The president should end abortions.

   These babies can grow up and become something to help this world, but instead the mothers  who  kill them. God made everybody for a reason and everybody should have a chance to live. If a woman thinks she should really really have an abortion because the baby is unhealthy and the family thinks it would help the baby then so be it, but babies shouldn't be killed.    

The government has an adoption program so if the parents couldn't take care of the baby they can give the baby to a family that could care take care of the baby and give the baby a chance in life. Abortions are really unnecessary because the world has a lot of places for the babies to go if the family doesn't have the money or just doesn't want the baby. Every baby should be loved and cared for because I know the parents [who?] wouldn't want to be treated like that if they were a baby. Abortions should be illegal and people should go to jail for it, because abortions are murder.


Aberdeen High School

English III Aberdeen

English III Aberdeen

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