Deyanna M.

We Can't Let Our Future World Leaders become Buried in Debt

In this letter to the next president, I will address the problem of high college tuition costs.

October 25,2016

Dear Future President,

Did you know according to The Project on Student Debt, the graduating Class of 2006 had an average student loan debt of $19,646? It is now 2016, and according to State by State in 2015 the average $28,950. Many people in this day and age are paying for their college education by using borrowed money, or loans. But according to COLLEGEdata there is also select few who save up money for college or pick a more “financially friendly” or affordable college, or if they are very academically smart they might also be able to lower college costs by receiving college credits. Regardless, with the cost of college tuition, this is a very important topic that cannot be ignored for much longer!

All of these high college costs seem to be causing more and more Americans to question if college is even worth the debt. Like everything on this earth college also come with many pros and cons which some people don’t know of. A few examples of the pros of college are: college graduates make more money, some jobs require college degrees, graduates receive more and better employment opportunities, young adults learn interpersonal skills, it allows students to explore career options, etc. A few examples of the cons of college are: student loan debts are crippling for college graduates, many college graduates are employed in jobs that do not require college degrees, many other recent graduates are also un- or underemployed,many people succeed without college degrees, learning a trade profession is a better option than college for many young adults, etc. I think these are just a handful of the pros and cons that should be made known to all college applicants and students. After all, these are the same exact young adults who will grow into our future world leaders and possibly become the future presidents just as you did before them. And this is a large scale problem that affects all US citizens.

Ask yourself if you would like to grow old watching the nation which you once governed become buried in debt and begin to fall apart over an issue that you could’ve solved instead of putting it off as a small trivial matter that wasn’t worth your time and attention. I have found one article that I strongly agree with, it says “... dealing with tuition costs is only part of the battle. A truly successful reform plan will need to tackle issues, such as child care, commuter subsidies and balancing studies with work. (Mason 1)” I believe that there are many different ways to say this and many other educational problems that need to be addressed, but I do also think that we need to figure out a long-term plan to work towards achieving these goals. Even if the plan has many stages and parts that may take some time I believe that in the long run, it will be will be worth it to save our future generations from suffering the same fate and problems of debt and other educational problems. After all, it is very important for us to educate the future generations who will carry on our legacy long after we are dead and gone from this world. I am sure that they will appreciate it along with all of the other hard work and dedication you will show as a leader of our nation. I look forward to seeing the results of your hard work in solving the problems pertaining to not only to college tuition cost but also the other issue that we will face as a nation. I wish you good luck and extend my gratitude in advance.

Yours Truly,

Deyanna M.

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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