Jamaiya F. Mississippi

Abortion, the On Going Issue

Abortion should be legal in all 50 states. America is the land of the free, so why shouldn't women have this as an option to decide on freely?

Dear Future President ,

Abortion has been an controversial topic for the past few years and iscontinuing to be a sensitive topic. To come to a reasonable conclusion, you should collaborate with Congress to convince them that abortion should stay legal in all 50 states.

Women should be allowed the right to decide on the responsibility of bringing a life into this world. The government shouldn't have a say in something that is so personal and private. According News24, "It is not the place of the government to legislate against woman's choices." Even though this quote is not from an official website, this is a quote from a journalist that posted on this website. This quote also shows the belief  that the government should not have the right to decide what a woman can and can not do to her body. 

The government should also evaluate the situation of how a woman becomes pregnant. The government should also evaluate the woman's stability. According to operationrescue.org, "21% of abortions occur because of inadequate finances; also 16% occur because a woman's life would change too much." These are just some of the effects that have to be taken into consideration.  Abortion is the only result for most women. Women have a lot of things to consider about when the right timing is to have a baby.

Abortion should stay legal in all 50 states. Although, in some states there are restrictions on abortion which makes it difficult for women. For example, in Mississippi there are many restrictions which prevent women from being able to get an opportunity to receive an abortion. Women should have to the right to decide on the decision if they want to have a baby. You should evaluate all the options and consider the option of keeping abortion legal and stopping restrictions. I think you should set equal rights for all states to prevent restrictions. America is the land of the free so why shouldn't this be a free option available to women?


                                                                                                                  Jamaiya F.

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