Thayland P. Mississippi

Gun Control in U.S.

Gun control can easily be handled with the help of our president. The involvement of the president is very important to the lives in the US. The death toll highly depends on gun control.

Dear future president of the United States,

               The uses of guns in our country are being abused and taken advantage of. People are being killed for unimportant reasons. This is causing the death rate to become extremely high in America. Mr/Ms. President, could you please address this situation by regulating the use of guns and who can be allowed to possess them.

                 In America, gun control is severely out of hand. Guns are used for the wrong reasons over in states like Chicago, California, etc. Mass shootings in schools and churches and even gay bars really could've been prevented and still could be prevented in the future of the United States.This is why it is important for the president to become extremely involved with the critical gun control issue in the United States.

                 Gun control in the United States all depends on who is in possession of the weapon. People use guns for protection , to eat, but also for violence. Gang members use guns to kill for hatred of other gangs so they can gain territory and respect. Hunters, policemen, and normal weapon holders use guns for food and protection from the dangers of others.  But now police are abusing their rights as weapon holders by killing black African Americans. So, future president, you have to rush to get this gun thing under control. 

                  Future president, I strongly think you should get rid of guns. Only the US Army, Navy, National Gaurd , etc. should have weapons. It's becoming clear that police are becoming very trigger happy. I think you should only allow tasers and pepper spray to circulate through the United States, so that no matter who holds or possess one of these weapons , no one should be severely hurt in any possible way.

Aberdeen High School

English III Aberdeen

English III Aberdeen

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