Austin M. Oklahoma

Terrorism and Refugees

How our country lets in refugees from countries that hate us is terrible.

Dear future President,

I am addressing the problem we have about terrorism. The thought of how our country lets in refugees from countries that hate us is terrible. The meaning of refugees is fleeing from terrorism or danger. How do we know that the refugees that we are allowing into our country are not just running from the danger but are the danger itself? We don’t that’s why I am making the letter to address these issues.

So here’s a question, should we allow refugees into our country? Some people agree and some people don’t. Some people think that is unsafe to allow them into our country for safety reasons and some people think that it is unconstitutional to refuse them to come to our country. It’s not unconstitutional to refuse refugees, but it is unconstitutional to imply that all Muslims are a danger to our country. Is it unsafe though? In some cases yes, and in some cases no. Are their names close to a known terrorists? Are they part of the no fly list? Well those could be some reasons to be unsafe, but for the most part it could be safe but we need some ways to make sure.

In 1988 there were only 3 radical Islamic groups, in 2013 there are now 49, so that means that the radical Islam is growing at a rapid pace (Beyer). Extremist groups such as al-Qaeda and Islamic state call their violent attacks jihad, a holy war fought for Islam. Stopping the terrorists from their violent attacks may not be possible but it is possible to try and prevent it.

A carpet sales man Bahram Asgari from Iran says “I can’t figure out what this deal is, but I hope it will be good for us, all I know is that prices keep going up and it is harder and harder to make ends meet, no matter what the politicians say. I don’t see much to hope for in the future.” It sounds to me that they aren’t willing to make ends meet unless they are paid handsomely or if they get some other kind of reward (Times). So why should we try and make ends meet with people don’t even want to unless they come out on top?

Former President Barrack Obama confronted Congress to allow 10,000 refugees into the states equally dividing them among the states. Obama was told no by Congress and still went ahead to allow them in. Congress said “We do not trust you and your administration to tell the truth or do the due diligence necessary to vet refugees.” (Beyer) Congress says that because they are upset that Obama went ahead and tried to let them in even though he still needed Congress’s approval to do so.

I think we should start doing screening everyone that is and isn’t American that comes through planes, boats, and any other vehicles. The way I think we should do this is some kind of DNA test then a background check and maybe even a drug test because that could even help with America’s drug problem. Americans most likely won’t approve or allow that but that’s where ideas start. Back to Terrorism though, we need to have some kind of station for screening like Angel Island or Ellis island. I really think in taking these extra steps with protect our fellow and future peers in the United States of America!

I also think that if we have people from other countries boarding our airplanes and airlines we should have the authority to check their luggage and carry ons. We need to check American citizens boarding from a vacation as well because there could always be that slight chance that something could happen. Although that may be possible it would be worth a shot to get it passed by Congress. When walking through the metal you should be required to take off your shoes and jackets to be ran through the scanner belt. I also think that airplanes should have security cameras to monitor the whole flight to have everything on tape if anything were to happen.

People would oppose these ideas but when is there ever a 100% approval from the people? Right there won’t always be 100% approval, so is it worth a shot to take? I sure think so! Terrorism can come from anywhere, there has been terrorist crimes committed by an American person. An example of some terrorist attacks the Merrell building in Okc, that was committed by a war veteran. So what I am trying to say is we can’t blame muslims for it all the time but it never hurts to take that extra step to prevent it. The difference between Americans committing these crimes and Muslims committing these crimes is that us Americans do dumb and tragic things out of anger, hatred, or physically unstable, Muslims do it because of our foreign policies and because of all the things this country has done.

Future president, please consider these issues and ideas that I have addressed. I hope that these ideas and issues catch your attention, I also hope that we can solve the issues with Terrorism and Refugees. This is no laughing matter on these topics. We can solve them, it make take more than a couple years but we can do this because our country is strong and capable to defend and protect it from these dangers. Thank you very much and I hope the White House treats you great and I hope you treat America great!



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