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For you Mr./Mrs. President.

In this letter, I provide facts about this election. I think it is ridiculous to see both candidates argue like kids, but immigration is a big deal, and I want to know what you are going to do about it.

19th Oct. 2016

Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

Just turning eighteen is a big deal. It carries more responsibility and while the election is around the corner. I have watched the debates and listen to both sides and right now I’m to the point where I am not going to vote for either party. Just going with the flow at this point. But Immigration is what worries me and how you, our president is going to deal with it

Cost of Deportation, Why is it such a big deal to deport millions of immigrants. When we are not even close to the money needed to do so, and we do not have enough agents to round the immigrants. According to “How likely is a mass deportation plan under a potential Trump presidency?” “To meet Trump’s two-year goal, the report said, Congress would need to come up with huge amounts of money to hire and train agents to arrest immigrants. About 90,000 Enforcement and Removal Operations officers would be needed, according to the report. There are just 5,000 today.” I do not believe we should deport 11 million immigrants, and yes I am America. Not every immigrant is bad and not every immigrant is good, But to spend millions of dollars on deporting them will not help our country's debt and if we should do anything to slow down immigration we should improve Borders. Higher more Border Patrol and create jobs.

Now there is one argument, that universities in America are not having enough Tech. Workers to keep pace in the economy. Hunter, asserts that “U.S. tech employers say American universities aren’t producing enough mathematicians and engineers to keep pace with an economy producing 120,000 new jobs a year.” So why are we declining immigrants that can most likely boost that number and I just do not believe this government we have. We give them visas to work in the Tech. field and take them away.

Consider this. What is your plan? What do you Believe we should do after I have pointed these things out. Obama’s plan was simply. This was Obama’s plan in a nutshell. They were here to work. Mark Sherman Points out that “Obama's plan would have let them stay and work.” Well we look to them as being a illegal, but they're here for work and that's it. Yeah they want to get away from Mexico into the great states. But they will work for that privilege and we Americans do not even have that motivation. They're not taking our jobs. They're outworking us.

I’m not going to bash people who support deporting immigrants but really, this world is already screwed up world as it is. I am just pushing for the underdog and that is because no one else is. Immigrants are human they have names, too. Do not say they are aliens. Is it any different that we immigrated here, too. Indians were here before us, and we just took over their land. We are all the same, but with different features. Think on your decisions as president, immigration is a big deal and can change 11 million lives.



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