Evan W. Connecticut

Equal Education

Education throughout America needs to be changed drastically. There are many students with disadvantages in education, and they can't grow up, go to college, and support their family.

Dear Future President,

Being the Leader of The Free World can be a great privilege, but when the Free World isn’t completely free, it can be difficult. Many young children in America are going to schools with limited supplies, unqualified teachers, or just a bad curriculum. This is because of where they live and where they come from. People who are in the lowest income levels have a very small chance of getting to the highest income levels. When kids are faced with the problem of an unequal education, it becomes evident that their family will stay poor, simply because they don’t have an opportunity to succeed in school.

It is extremely difficult for anyone to get a good education in a poor school. While wealthy kids in nice neighborhoods are getting top teachers and all the resources they can ask for, poorer kids in the inner city have very little supplies to do learn. This gap is what we need to equalize. It is simply un-American to let this happen without doing anything about it. This is the land of freedom and opportunity, but not everyone has the same opportunities. The wealthy are getting all the education and jobs, and the poor are just left out without any chance. This needs to be changed.

Right now, kids in the lowest income level have a much smaller chance of going to college than kids in the highest income level, and most of them are black or Hispanic. Since those minorities came to America, their family has, for the most part, been stuck in the lowest income levels. It is extremely difficult for them to gain wealth and climb out of the lower income levels. 

White kids also have a better opportunity than minorities. America is the melting pot of different cultures, and minorities make up a lot of the population, yet they are still treated unequally. They aren't given an equal education, because they can't afford to pay for private schools and good supplies. This just doesn't make sense.

We need you to make a big change in the status quo of education. America needs you now more than ever. With a good president like yourself, we can make this happen in the next four years. 

Greenwich High School

English 113

English 113

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