Artashia G. Mississippi

Abortions are Wrong

Women should take responsiblity instead of aborting their babies.

Dear President,

   Abortion is not right in any way. Who would want to give an innocent life to avoid responsibility? Many people choose abortions for many different reasons. However, I strongly disagree with abortions because it takes innocent lives, it violates civil rights, it can harm women, and also it avoids responsibility.

   An unborn child is an innocent life that you take away due to abortions. A new life is in existence; why would someone want to give their baby up? Also,abortion violates civil rights because the most basic right of all is life. Government views abortion as inhuman and cruel. On the author writes, "Civil rights are violated when people are deprived of their basic rights in a discriminatory fashion."

   Having an abortion can also cause harm to women. At the author writes, "In a series of 1,182 abortions which occurred under closely regulated hospital conditions,27% of the patients acquired a post-abortion infection lasting 3 days or longer." This shows that you're not only hurting your baby but you're hurting yourself.

   So as the new president of the United States you should make abortions illegal in all states in America. Babies deserve the right to live their life just like anyone else. Like the saying says,"If you can make it, you can take it."


Artashia Gates

Aberdeen High School

English III Aberdeen

English III Aberdeen

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