Natasha California

More Abortion Clinics Should Be Set Up

Because there aren't enough abortion clinics in many states, some women are looking to unsafe abortion, and many families don't have control over planned parenthood.

Dear Future President,

How can we safely shape the face of planned parenthood if there are no opportunities for us to do so? Although abortion is legal in all of America, it isn’t easily accessible in all states. For example, there is only one abortion clinic in all of Mississippi. Situations like this cause many women to perform self-abortion. Plus, this way, lots of parents do not have control over planned parenthood. More abortion clinics should be set up around the US because some women are looking to unsafe abortion, and many families do not have access to planned parenthood.

This issue affects women and their families who are looking into abortion. “An estimated 19 million unsafe abortions occur worldwide each year, resulting in the deaths of about 70,000 women (Daniel Grimes 1).” Getting abortion done unprofessionally is an extremely dangerous and unadvisable course of action. Thousands of women die this way, and millions more are injured because they undergo unsafe abortion. However, that isn’t the only way this issue negatively affects the public. “A women who lacks the means to manage her fertility lacks the means to managed her life (Valerie Tarico 5).” When women and their families don’t have access to planned parenthood, they don’t have access to control over their lives. Parents cannot shape the face of their families and the opportunities that they were going to help to provide them.

One solution that I propose to help eliminate this issue is to start setting up more abortion clinics. “All around us, living, breathing, and loving are the chosen children of mothers who waited- who ended and ill-timed or unhealthy pregnancy and then later chose to carry forward a new life (Valerie Tarico 22).” When abortion is accessible, great things happen. Badly timed and unhealthy pregnancies can be avoided when women and their families are able to access abortion. Setting up more abortion clinics will output more results like this. “...many more women would die each year if they did not have access to abortion to protect their health or to save their lives (ACOG 1).” The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists specifically says that many lives are saved when abortion is accessible. They also show us that when abortion isn’t accessible, many women are killed. Creating more abortion clinics will make this option more available to women and their families, often saving lives in the process. “Michelle Lee, whose story Pollitt cites in her book, required a heart transplant, which she could not receive while she stayed pregnant. Yet doctors at Louisiana State Medical Center denied her the necessary abortion, and therefore also the transplant, because the hospital rules stated that the risk of death from her pregnancy had to be greater than 50 percent before they could abort (Sady Doyle 7).” This woman suffered because she was denied the abortion that would give her a heart transplant. If we open up more abortion clinics, we open up more chances for life. We open up the ability for women to safely go into a clinic and know that they will not be denied the choice of abortion. And, we give them the opportunity of more chances to ask for an abortion if they are denied the first time.

Abortion is not accessible enough in many areas. More abortion clinics need to be set up so that unsafe abortion and lack of planned parenthood can be eliminated. Too many deaths are caused by unsafe abortion, and too many lives are negatively altered because families don’t have access to abortion. We need you, our president, to lead our country in the fight for planned parenthood and the fight against the socially constructed notion for unsafe abortion. If you help us set up more abortion clinics, then we save lives, both physically and mentally.

Thank you,