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Letter to the Next President

This letter talks about education in schools and about teachers.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

I hope you get to this and it’s not under all the other letters, but I want to share with you my personal experiences about the topic I’m writing to you about today. I want you to be aware about how hardworking schools, teachers, and other education workers are and some of their problems. The education system has been the same for awhile now, but just recently it has changed. President Barack Obama has changed it to where the states has more power to change the schools to their liking. I think that's great, but to change some of these schools they do need some extra help.

Some schools are horribly maintain. It's not that the staff doesn't help it, but they don't have money to fix it back to its former glory. Some schools can't afford textbooks for the kids or they have holes in the building. They are doing the best they can, but it's not enough. Another problem is that the schools are unhealthy for the kids. There are cockroaches, mold on floors, etc. Teachers are disgusted with how the schools are ran and they want it to change. In Detroit teacher had a sit out to protest the monstrosity they called a school. It was broken down, there was not enough books for the kids, and it was too small. There were 45 kids to a classroom and it was hard on the teachers to teach that many kids at once.

Teachers deserve more recognition than they are given. Some teachers go out of their way for the school and their students. Some scientists did a study about kids who miss school. There are many reasons like doctor appointments, eye doctors, personal reasons, etc but there are others who miss for different reasons. Other kids miss school because they are getting bullied. Others miss school because they are too poor and have to stay home to take care of loved ones. Well, teachers took the extra initiative and helped these kids out. They believe schools should be a welcoming environment that kids feel safe at. One superintendent went out to teach kids on his own because they were too poor to come to school.

Earlier I mentioned that President Barack Obama passed a new law that made the states have more power to the school. That means the states don't have to take those big end of the year test. The states choose their own goals for their schools. For my own personal experience I think this is great. Usually we spend most of our school year only preparing for that test. Anything that the teachers didn't think was going to be on it we didn't learn. So that means we missed out on important information that would of been helpful in our future classes. For example, in my precalculus class, I missed out on a lot of information because my teacher didn't think it would be on the test. So for the schools to set their own goals is great. That means we can learn more and not focus just what's on the test.

This law changed how teachers and schools are judged and punished by the government. This good in my opinion and I bet others would agree. Some students don't try on these test because they don't think they're important or they just don’t want to do it. That means the teachers get the bad wrap for the kids not caring. The teacher could be one who does everything they're supposed to and still be presented as not doing their job right just because some students didn't try their best or didn't want to do the test. This new law fixed this issue for the best.

So Mr or Mrs President, I’m writing this to tell you about some of the problems I have seen and read about the education system. I am also writing this to tell you about the good parts of the education system and all who are involved in it. Hopefully you get a chance to read this and decide to help some of the problems you read about.

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