Blake A. California

Lowering College Tuition

College tuition needs to stop rising, so that everybody can have a bright future ahead.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,                                                                                                                                   

      College prices need to lower so kids can have a bright future.

     College costs need to stop rising because middle to lower class families can’t afford their kids to go to college and those middle to lower class families will have their kids go work in low wage jobs.

     Middle to lower class families won’t be able to afford their kids to go to college because the prices keep going up.College prices have increased dramatically in the last years. College tuition has risen from $6,000 in 1980 to about $40,000 in 2010 (Goodman). If this rate was the same for the price of a gallon of milk, a gallon of milk would be costing $15 (Goodman). There are a lot of parents that can’t afford to send their kids to college with these prices. Imagine what the prices will be in the coming years if this rate stays the same? If this rate keeps up, soon maybe no kids will be attending college at all.

     Middle to lower class families will just have their kids go work in low wage jobs because of the college prices.By low wage jobs, I mean 18 year old kids that will be making about $10-15 dollars an hour, just because their parents couldn’t afford to make a chance for their child to be successful. Today, most jobs that pay well require a college degree, and gaining a college degree should be a goal of every person who wishes to enrich their knowledge and make a difference in their own way ( Barkawi). Now these older children don’t even have a chance at getting that degree so they can get payed well.

     Colleges are getting bigger and cost more to manage but the prices need to drop because education is the future of children's lives.College campuses are very large and they cost a lot to manage with all the teachers and sporting events and all the merchandise that they have to pay for. The thing is though, is that they having been making so much profit off of that for so many years, and now they keep raising the price for no reason. In my opinion, soon they are going to start making a loss on those things because the population of the school will be lower because of the tuition price. Then hopefully colleges will lower the price down again so kids can attend a good college.

     Everybody should have a chance to become a successful human being. Every young adult should have the chance to get their own college degree and be able to be paid well. Then that college degree will be the one of the most useful things a person could have ever earned. That college graduation degree means the future, to everyone.


Blake A.

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Zhebel - English 8

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