seth.vreeland Oklahoma

The next President

This is a essay on america the greatest country on earth and i am talking about gun control the goods and bads of it and should we have more gun control or less.

A very big problem we have nowadays is guns some people hate them some people love them. There are two sides to this some people think they are only made for crazy people to kill normal people and that is not true at all because they are made to protect yourself and defend your homeland and also made to put food on the table. They are all not made to just kill people but there are guns that the government has made for that purpose and the united states military uses them. So in this report i am going to be going over the problems that we have in the united states with guns. The problems with mass shootings and what we can do to try to stop them and also with how easily people can get ahold of weapons.

A real problem in the United States of America is gun control well subject of gun control some say we need more some say we need less it all depends on who you talk to and whose point of view you take, we all have different thoughts on the subject. In a press conference Obama said,  "You pass a background check, you purchase a firearm. And I do agree with if you can pass a background check you should be allowed to own a firearm. Also gun shows need to make sure everyone who is selling firearms in doing it legally not just handing guns out for just any crazy person to get ahold of. Another touchy subject is mass shooting and it is a hard subject but the people who have done mass shooting have obviously been mentally unstable and people could try to argue that with me but there is no winning that because no one just goes out and kills people and is completely fine. Obama also said "I reject that thinking," Obama said, arguing it would be worth it if the measures would prevent even a single gun death. "We maybe can't save everybody, but we could save some." well people will always be able to get there hands on guns that's just gonna be a thing. If they don't have guns they will use other weapons to kill people with. But we need to stick by the bill of rights well the second amendment which is A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. We have the right to defend ourselves and that should never be taken away from us for one it has saved this country before and it can save it again.

So we do need to do background checks done on people who are going to be buying guns and that can stop bad people from getting there hands on guns as easily well they are gonna get there hands on guns no matter what but that's besides the point i am trying to make. Also on the point of deaths by guns about two-thirds of which are suicides. and my argument i have for that is that if someone is gonna kill themselves whether it is with a gun or not. There is no way of really telling that a person is gonna kill themselves there are ways but it's not like they are all mentally insane there is no telling any of that. Some people are completely normal and just get extremely upset and they don't know what to do other than take there own life. Its truly not a gun problem it is a people problem. People are always gonna do bad things and people will always do good things. There are good and bad people in this world and that's how it always will be.

The Nra has a big part or should or should i say that they have say in the whole gun control act they are a organization that loves guns it all in the name. They all back the second amendment and they will not back down from anyone who tries to take it away from them.

(NRA), the main pro-gun group, has been on a decades long winning streak convincing courts and lawmakers to loosen gun restrictions and to prevent the passage of tougher laws. They have a decade long winning streak if that doesn't show you something I don't know what will they do have a great argument that has convinced courts for decades and i mean it is a people problem, guns should be respected not played with. Me personally have used guns my entire life i hunt and shoot for sport and i have never had thoughts of killing someone or killing myself and I don't know why i would and it has put food on my table my entire life and it keeps my mom from having to go out and buy food from the store that is very expensive and not good for you at all. Also if someone were to break into my house i would like to be able to protect myself and my family and if my mom is here by herself i would like for her to stop someone from hurting her or my little sisters. There are very crazy people out there that will do very crazy things that i would want to be stopped dead in their tracks if they come in my house and put my family in danger.

We do need to background checks on people who are gonna buy guns and need to back are second amendment and never take away the rights of the us citizens. We the people will always have the right that are founding fathers have given us. We the people need to come together and stop dividing because together we stand and divided we fall and we all need to stand by that saying we are no longer as tough as we used to be and we need to show that we are tough again and will back up our stuff and that are people will back are military we are so divided and we need to come together.