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Letter To The Next President

My stance on Education

Dear Future President,

What is your view on education? Education is a vital point in all of our lives because its makes a big difference in our lives. Our education can determine our brightest future. The future president should have a big influence in our schools. The schools in Oklahoma need a lot more funds to make all of us kids have a chance for a better education. Oklahoma's teachers are some of the lowest paid teachers across the whole country. We keep losing teachers because every state that is around us is receiving higher compensation. So a way to make our education of higher quality would be to pay our teachers more because it would keep them staying in our district. Well paid teachers equal a well rounded education.

We need to have better laws or rules about kids skipping out on school because that is hurting those kids from their education. Each student deserves a chance for a better education. Students are missing roughly 10% of the school year for any type of reason. An article written by Associated Press said “ about one-third of students in Washington, D.C., are absent 15 days or more in a single school year…” All students should be at school unless they have a legit reason for their absence. The future president needs to have high expectations for the country's education. Kids need to be challenged more in their academics so they will be better prepared for college.

After saying that an article from Newsela.com says that these past few years the percent of high school students that graduate is up to 82%. Which is very high for these modern times. I’ve heard from a couple principles that if your graduation rate is between 55-75% you’re doing very well. Every student deserves to graduate if they put the amount of academic effort into their work. In the article written by Associated Press, “About 72 percent of African-American students and 76 percent of Hispanic students finished high school in 2013-2014. For white students, the rate was 87 percent.” ‘We need to do something that would try to make those ethnicities stay in school for a longer time. The students that miss school do not deserve to graduate because they are not putting in the effort that is needed to prepare you for college and the real world. The latest figure shown is that in the year 2020 the high school graduation rate should be roughly 90%. Which is very high but yet very possible.

The topic of Native Americans attending school is a big one in our country. Native Americans struggle more than any group or ethnicity to attend school. Which means they are not getting the education that they need to succeed in life. Why are Native Americans missing school so much? They are so used to their own culture that they don’t want to be around people that aren’t the “same”. Stateline.org says “This year, more states are trying to help by training teachers, working with tribes to create policies and programs, embedding culture in lessons and giving more money to schools with many Native American students.” Teachers want to increase the number of Native Americans in school and that’s why they are giving more money to school that have an abundance of Native American students. To try to keep them coming to school so they can have the great education that they deserve.

In conclusion I would like to say that the future president needs to pay a great amount of attention to our country's education. It can make for our kids have a better and successful life. Being a senior in high school I can say that I don’t like school because the fact that we do a lot of work but it's all preparing me for a brighter future. That is what keeps me in the right mood at school. Just knowing that I can be slightly prepared for college is really nice. If we could make school fun and great learning experience that would be the best thing ever. Education is the thing that could change our lives. If we make stricter laws on missing out on school we would be more prepared for the future. I know that being the president of the United States of America is a big job and a lot of stuff is on your plate but focusing on America’s future is one of the biggest thing you could ever do.

With the greatest respect,


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