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Sex Education

Sex education should be taken seriously and more people should be educated so we inmprove this problem in America!

 Dear Future President,

      A school tested three hundred girls for sexually transmitted diseases, and the girls that were diagnosed with something knew more about diseases like HIV/AIDS. They didn't know about the other STD's.  Sex education should be put into schools as a program that's optional to students. The outcome is teenagers would be informed, the sexually transmitted disease rates could lower, and they would make make smarter decisions. I feel this is extremely important because usually after middle school teens start to get curious and sometimes pursue that curiosity. 

      Sex programs in schools could inform a lot of students that aren't aware of theses diseases and don't have a parental guidance to explain to them this topic. This also would help them understand the concept of this effecting them now and later in life. According to "Ethiopian Journal of Health Science"  they should  start by putting a abstinence-only program in the middle schools and whenever they move up to high school there should be an abstinence-plus more class. This way they would have an idea of what's out there and the consequences that come out of the decisions they make.

      This sex education programs could lower the rate of sexual transmitted diseases. It seems like the rates are getting higher of teens being diagnosed for diseases. In 2008, the District of Columbia high school  tested three-thousand students and thirteen percent of them tested positive. Rates have gotten higher now because more teens are sexually active and experiencing sex earlier. This program could give teens the proper tools and tips to so they're less likely to catch something. The free testing could help them figure out what they have so they can get rid of the disease, instead of the teens being unaware and spreading it to others and the same cycle being repeated.

      The teens will make smarter decisions so if they're engaging in theses activities, so they're doing it the correct way. Sex ed classes could make teens have a open mind and realize they need to take the choices they make seriously. A great experience for them is to observe and listen to stories and information that they can keep in the back of their mind when something occurs. That way they can't say no one taught them about sex education and how to do things the correct way.

      Sex education programs should be put into schools so students are informed, and the sexually transmitted diseases rates will lower.  It will also help students make smarter decisions. I feel this is the perfect place to put a free program.  Some parents might disagree and feel it's to early for their child, but it's better to for them to be educated than wait too late. The program isn't to promote sex, it's there to be a guidance to teenagers and help them be safe. 


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