Danielle D. Oklahoma

We Cannot Regress

Prohibiting abortion after we as a nation have come so far to support a woman's right to choose is simply regressive. It is forcing one of the most complex issues to be treated as black and white, forcing women of all situations to sacrifice themselves against medical or family advisory in respect of the law. We as a nation cannot allow this to happen.

Dear Future President,

It is the American dream to become anything, starting from anywhere. It is the American dream to have equal rights and liberties for every person, every race, and every color. We as a people cannot sacrifice this dream by legally enforcing the opinions of one political party onto another, by legally restricting the safety and wellbeing of a woman by making her decisions for her. It is imperative that we preserve the Roe vs. Wade case and this right that women and men alike have fought so hard to protect. 

After the discussion and controversy over the Roe vs. Wade case, many American people are voting republican only to see conservative Supreme Court Justices appointed to overturn this case. If this is allowed to happen, countless women could potentially be put in situations detrimental to their health and well-being. Though there can be regulations on term-length, the decision to abort should ultimately remain be the choice of the woman and her family with medical advice. The government should not be able to make such a personal decision for a woman they know nothing of, and should not be able to delay the process of an abortion if a woman is in a severe medical condition. The situations of a woman and her family can be far too intimate and complicated to have a simple "ban" on all abortion.